The mission of Imagefocus is to educate, inspire and develop schools, businesses and the retail sector in the fields of personal styling and leadership, to meet growing market demand on a global scale.

Imagefocus was founded in 2004 by pioneer Pia Svensson, who has a long career as an entrepreneur in the beauty and fashion industry. Our goal is to provide training for those with a passion for personal style, service, clothing, people, leadership and entrepreneurship. Pia manages the training programme and has gained her own teaching experience and industry knowledge from many different parts of the world including Sweden, the US, Germany and the UK.

Imagefocus was founded with wholehearted commitment from dreams and visions Pia had as a child. From many years living abroad in the US, Pia was inspired to pursue a career in the beauty and fashion industry. Equipped with focus and determination, she set up her first own business at the age of 24.

Through Imagefocus leadership and mentoring programme, Pia is now helping others fulfil their dreams and visions in a structured way.

Imagefocus is the first Personal Shopper training programme in Sweden to be accredited by SEYF (the Swedish Aestheticians’ Professional Association), and is a full member of SEYF since 2004.

Pia Svensson, CEO